Unique Picnic Food Ideas by Personal Creations

As the weather starts to get warmer, take some time to enjoy everything the beautiful outdoors has to offer with a fun picnic! Whether you are packing for the family or just for you and your sweetheart, there are so many easy options to have an amazing afternoon under the sun!

Personal Creations recently put together a fun guide on how to create the perfect picnic, along with unique picnic food ideas and easy-to-follow recipes. Continue reading below to see how you can put together a creative picnic and make delicious snacks for your next day out!


Unique picnic food ideas by Personal Creations


If you’re on a vacation or planning to go on a picnic with your kids then this flower sandwich is the perfect recipe for you. It is mess-friendly, takes less time to prepare and your kids will love it. Pair this with low-sugar fruit juice to give them the boost of vitamin C and enjoy the sunshine. Find these awesome flower sandwich recipe here.


Unique picnic food ideas by Personal Creations

This one is the best for the picnic or vacation in summer. Greek Salad Kabobs are light and refreshing and can be easily stored in a cooler. Splash some lemon and olive oil and there you go perfect light recipe for you is ready. Find delicious recipe of Greek Salad Kabobs here.

Unique picnic food ideas by Personal Creations

This one is my personal favorite. Perfect for a romantic date night. Prepare Floral Rosé Cocktail in 10 minutes, pack it in a thermal container, head to the beach and enjoy this perfect cocktail with your loved one and yes don’t forget to pack ice. Dive into the recipe of Floral Rosé Cocktail here.

Grab your picnic stuff, put in your personalized picnic backpack and enjoy your picnic in the warm summer with your loved funs. Do let me know in the comment section which one is your favorite?


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